That Awful Robert DeNiro Impersonator From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Is Hilarious To Watch Back Now

Celebrity impersonation is a difficult challenge for any actor, but if pulled off well, it can be fantastic. That can’t be said about this performer. Known as “DeNiro Guy,” this impersonator took to the stage to perform as Oscar-winner Robert DeNiro. After some playful banter with judge Howie Mandel, it looked like DeNiro Guy had some hope of making it through to the next round.

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That all changed once he began to speak. He began to monologue about getting other actors to help him with his performance, including Christopher Walken, John Travolta and Jack Nicholson. This allowed DeNiro Guy to show his range — or lack thereof — to the displeasure of the audience, as even putting on a pair of sunglasses didn’t seem to win them over. Maybe it would have helped if he did impersonations of actors who didn’t sound so similar. Or at least if he tried to say funny things while impersonating them.

Things start to get worse when he begins to read from “Wise Guy’s Nursery Rhymes.”

Just watch…

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,” he began, “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. He took out a loan […] He’s got two weeks to pay or next time he’s dead.”

How long did he last?

In the midst of this, judge Simon Cowell pressed his buzzer, prompting a “What the hell was that?” from the befuddled DeNiro Guy. As he read the next nursery rhyme amidst loud boos and subsequent buzzes from judges Heidi Klum and Mel B, it was clear he was losing the crowd.

Unfortunately, he didn’t move on to the next round, but we’re sure this audition will serve as a warning to future celebrity impersonators who try out for the show.

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  1. Tim Moxey, are you that stupid and gullible that you believed that AGT set of the DeNiroGuy? It was a complete set up. What you call awful, was meant to be for ratings. Obviously you haven’t seen his appearances on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, Counting Cars etc. But your sure to judge and smear from a rigged show performance? Maybe you should do real research before you write.

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