Analyst who called Tucker Carlson a “smokescreen” for the president sparred with the feisty Fox News host

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Tucker Carlson loves confrontation, so Tuesday night he invited David Goodfriend to join his program on Fox News. Why? Well, Goodfriend earlier in the day on Fox News said that Carlson is “turning into a high-paid smokescreen salesman for the Trump White House.”

“Oh fighting words,” Carlson said on his show. “Why don’t you come say that to my face. Oh wait, here he is, David Goodfriend joins us on the set.”

Goodfriend has also previously joined Carlson on his show.

The issue at hand was the Susan Rice story, the alleged unmasking, and whether it’s much ado about nothing or much more. Goodfriend, who worked as a deputy staff secretary in the Clinton administration, believes that Rice was working within the parameters of her job. Others, like Carlson, believe there is something more sinister at work.

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Carlson asked Goodfriend if he’s not bothered by Rice’s behavior.

Goodfriend told Carlson: “I’m bothered by our country being compromised by a number-one foreign adversary in collusion with our president. That bothers me.”

He continued: “The reason I took a hit at you this morning on Fox News and said you’re putting up a smokescreen is because April 2, right when the Washington Post was going to come out with its story about the meeting with Trump people and Russians, that was when we decided to hear all about Susan Rice and the character assassination started.”

Goodfriend told Carlson that he thinks he can distract his audience from the real story by playing up the Rice non-story.

At that point Carlson interrupted Goodfriend, telling him to shush. Carlson told Goodfriend that he doesn’t work for or get any information from the White House.

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The video below shows Goodfriend earlier in the day calling Carlson a high-paid smokescreen salesman for the president.

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