Billy Joel Releases Long-Awaited Throwback Video For New Hit

Rock legend Billy Joel goes back in time in the video for his new song. (YouTube/Screengrab)

It’s been a long time since Billy Joel put together a massive hit single. Like, the early 1990s.

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But all of that may be changing.

Joel’s latest effort, Turn The Lights Back On, has become all the rage — and not just to fans of the longtime piano man. It appears even the younger generation is digging what the Hall of Fame musician is doing these days.

Now, Joel fans can do more than just listen to his current chart-climber. They can watch it too — as the video for the song finally has been released (watch it in its entirety below).

Joel, 74, hasn’t released a song for 17 years, before this latest effort, of course. The video pays homage to his past in a way that only modern technology could pull off.

“The whole point of doing what I do was because it was so much fun to do when I first started. I kind of lost that after a while. Freddy got me to find the joy in it again,” Joe said, via People

“I’m going to go into my cave and become a caveman. It’s not a fun process for me — it’s very self-centered, very lonely. And sometimes it’s torture. But afterwards, I love having written.”

.People described the video as follows:

Directed by Warren Fu and Freddy Wexler, the video begins with a view of Joel flipping a notebook page displaying the lyrics for his song “Famous Last Words.”

Seeing a new black page, he starts playing the piano to the tune of “Turn the Lights Back On.” Once he begins singing, the video cuts to an older view of Joel.

It was produced by Freddy Wexler and co-written by Joel, Arthur Bacon, and Wayne Hector. Joel performed it live for the first time at the 2024 Grammy Awards and received a standing ovation. A video aired before the highly anticipated performance explaining that the song had been two years in the making.

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