Is Meghan Markle Totally Turned Off By Prince Harry?

A completely new spin on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex theorizes that Meghan Markle finds “nothing attractive” about Prince Harry. According to a body language expert, Harry’s new memoir, Spare, is an embarrassing display of his dirty laundry and unresolved issues. While analyzing Markle’s movements and behaviors, she thinks that the actress is completely repulsed by her husband.

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Is Meghan Markle Totally Turned Off By Prince Harry?

Body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler spoke with Australia 7 News’ Sunrise and explained why she thinks Meghan Markle is turned off by the Prince. She accordingly prefaces everything by discussing the odd trajectory on which Meghan finds herself.

“I think we can make observations about what might be happening. And I think it’s a disaster,” says Dr. Mahler. “Over time, she started off and there was no question that her values were about forwarding Meghan… And about covering that with a bit of charity work, how lovely. So, she meets a prince. And how fantastic, a fabulous life, a prince, and it goes on.”

“And then it turns out, he’s got some problems,” Dr. Mahler continued, adding that moving to California may have been a form of therapy. “For Harry, it shows that he has some serious issues which aren’t easily resolvable. And he’s angry… So, he writes a book. And it comes out, and it comes out, and it comes out. And then it’s kind of got ugly and it’s still not cured.”

Prince Harry’s Best-Selling Memoir Spare Is Full of Embarrassing Confessions… Also, His Penis

Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, is the fastest-selling nonfiction book of all time. While that may be good from a financial perspective, it’s also quite corrosive. Dr. Mahler may have a point here. It can be very good to talk about your past with a therapist, but when you have this many skeletons in the closet, do you want the whole world to know before you yourself have figured it out? That’s a personal decision for Harry. But topics he brings up in his memoir include:

  • His penis (more than once)
  • Losing his virginity to a mystery woman in a field behind a pub
  • Doing psychedelic mushrooms at a celebrity’s house, whose name he fails to omit
  • Peeing his pants
  • Huffing laughing gas that was prescribed to Meghan while she was in labor with Archie

Of course, all of these topics are only drawing further attention to Harry and Meghan. Why Harry thought this was a good time to write a memoir about his penis while he and Meghan are claiming to want to escape the paparazzi is confounding. The irony is best portrayed in South Park’s parody of them: “The World-Wide Privacy Tour.”

Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is “Checked Out” and Mortified

“This is very unattractive,” Dr. Mahler continues, “because which part of this is putting Meghan forward? Which part of this is helping the charity which is what she likes to do? You know, where she started. And it seems that he’s come out with these issues halfway through therapy sessions. He’s not out the other side. And this is a tremendous embarrassment to her.”

“She’s out of town,” Dr. Mahler says. As in, Meghan Markle has correspondingly checked out.

“There is nothing attractive about him, nothing attractive about what he’s doing. And now, their image is destroyed…. My prediction is, this ain’t going to last — if it hasn’t broken up already.”

Meghan Markle Keeps Changing Up Her Body Language, Distancing Herself From Prince Harry

Dr. Mahler explains that, as someone who analyzes people for a living, she’s been observing Meghan Markle. Noting that Markle is an actress, she specifically points out that the Duchess has had a pattern of continuously changing her approach.

“She changes her walk, she changes her smile, she changes her arm swing,” said Dr. Mahler. “And she changes fast and, in the moment, depending on what she feels is required. Now, none of that actually said to me an inspired ‘love is in the air.’ None. None of it said that.”

Basically, Dr. Mahler is saying that Meghan Markle is uncomfortable. Yet she is trying to hide her discomfort by adapting to each situation.

Prince Harry’s Body Language Is Totally Different

Another reason for Dr. Mahler’s theory is that Prince Harry’s body language uses an entirely different baseline. Meghan Markle seems distant and awkward while he’s reaching out to her.

“And yet I saw from Harry, a complete devotion, connection,” she continued. “Everything that he did. His eye contact, his touch, his distancing. And from her, it was all opposition on my end, to the camera. At all times. It never seemed to relate to him in any way. It was almost like, ‘Oh, you still there? Yeah, okay.’

“So, it was really obvious from the start. And one is also suspicious, one can smell, if there’s such a discrepancy in the power balance. I don’t think she ever bought into the Royal life.”

With all that said, Dr. Mahler also thinks that Prince Harry has “projected his mother,” the late Princess Diana, onto his wife.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she plays this up and calls herself, ‘Mommy’s busy. Mommy’s this.’ I wouldn’t be surprised. She is his ‘mother’ and that suited her! She will weigh it up: ‘How will this benefit me?’”

Finally, Dr. Mahler’s analysis concludes with the assumption that Meghan Markle will not show up at King Charles III and Camilla’s coronation. She also added that Prince Harry should go but lay as low as possible.


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  1. My personal opinion is this, You don’t know what Meghan Markle thinking. You’re not in this woman’s head so why are you speculating that she isn’t happy with her husband Prince Harry. Body language does tell a lot about a person’s thoughts and perceptions but they still are guesses as to what an individual is thinking. Stop being so negative about Meghan’s mannerisms. I theirrpersonally believe that Meghan is very happy with her husband and his willingness to be honest about what is facts when it pertains to their lives. I say shame on whomever who responsible for making them feel so uncomfortable and unloved. I rwear ecommend both Meghan & Harry for being so honest and telling their truths as only they know it. I also believe that it was a disgrace for the Royal Family to show any indifference when it came to Meghan, Harry, Archie, & Lilibet. The more hat they a indifference hat they show really explains why King Charles is “paralyzed by fear” because he knows it will come to the light just how unprepared and unwillingness to give security to Archie when he was born because he’s family not an outsider so why would he not be given security detail because William’s kids weren’t denied that. So now you tell me who should have cause for concern Meghan & Harry or King Charles? If I had to decide then it would be King Charles because the Royal Family isn’t sticking together & that’s why his approval rating is so low. The Royals should be ashamed because that’s not how you treat family.

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