Bronx Principal Who Preaches ‘Love and Respect’ Caught Fighting Student

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Big Yikes. A “Woke” Principal who preaches love and respect, as well as creative responses, is currently under fire after he was caught on video shoving and punching a student outside of his Bronx collaborative High School. 

Brett Schneider was seen on a video taking part in the fight that occurred back on October 24th outside of Bedford Park school. The video now resurfaced, which has caused quite a stir on social media.

The principal was seen shoving the teenager and raising his fist in a fighting stance. The officer from the school was seen nearby, but the principal decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to NYPD, school security officials called 911 that day about a fight that occurred, but stated no arrests were made. Students went on to tell the New York Post that the incident followed a day or two earlier after a fight between a girl and a boy resulted that stulted in the girl getting milk dumped on her. They noted that a relative of the girl came to the school in order to confront the boy and punched him.

Brett Schneider Seen Throwing Punches

“And then the principal squared up,” one student told the New York Post. “He looked like he was a boxer. I was like ‘Wow, this is unbelievable.’” Several other students went on to say it seemed as if Schneider was trying to defend the adult who hit the teenager. “That’s a grown man. So, as a grown man, why are you helping another grown man fight a kid?” one senior said.

Tom Shepard, a parent representative on the Education Policy Board of the Ministries of Education posted the video on Twitter, saying, “You’re talking about the principal, the head of the school, a grown man who’s supposed to be trained to de-escalate situations, actually fight in the streets and make things worse.”

The principal’s behavior is said to be a far cry from his online statement about how to properly run his school. The school is located on the DeWitt Clinton Campus and has around 550 students.

He was once quoted on the Mornings Center for Teaching Social Responsibility in Manhattan website, saying, We’ve created a whole different atmosphere – one of love and respect.  Kids are less likely to get into fights. When there is a fight, they know that they won’t be demonized … Finding creative responses to conflict can be life-changing.”

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