A bull who had enough of his rider and threw him suffered a leg injury that’ll make you cringe

Facebook/RSPCA South Australia

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Warning: the video is graphic.

People attending a rodeo in Adelaide, Australia surely gasped when a bull broke its leg after bucking a rider, but animal cruelty prevention organizations are taking it a step further, calling for rodeos to be banned.

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The broken leg happened on Saturday night. The video, which is difficult to watch, does show the animal snapping its back right leg and falling to the ground.

The rest of the video shows the creature attempting to walk it off while walking off stage.

The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said its “worst fears were confirmed” by the incident and called for an end to events like this while also sharing the video of the injury:


Last night our worst fears were confirmed when a bull suffered a horrendous leg injury during the Professional Bullriders Australia event hosted by Adelaide Entertainment Centre – an event we had fought to have cancelled because of the potential for animal suffering.

This video footage, captured by spectators attending the event, shows the bull bucking frantically while being ridden before falling to the ground, breaking his hind leg. We are shocked and appalled by this incident and our inspectors will launch an investigation.

This bull’s injury was unnecessary and could have been avoided. RSPCA South Australia will gather a team of senior legal counsel to investigate what can be done to change laws to make bull riding and rodeos illegal across the state.

We’ve also launched a petition calling on Adelaide Venue Management Corporation (which manages the Adelaide Entertainment Centre) to commit to never hosting an inhumane rodeo or bull riding event again.

Tell the Adelaide Entertainment Centre that bull riding is no longer acceptable. ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR PETITION: www.rspcasa.org.au/issues/ban-rodeos/

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While the Sydney Morning Herald, at the time of this writing, says the bull’s condition is not known, The Advertiser reports that the bull has been euthanized.

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