The past few months have seen a number of airplane scandals. Overbooked flights have led to groups being removed, and United Airlines stocks still have not fully recovered from their crash after a doctor was removed from one of the planes. The most recent incident involved a New Jersey family who were flying to Las Vegas on JetBlue.

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They brought a birthday cake on the plane and for some reason, the airline decided it was not allowed. They asked one of the women to move the cake, and the situation escalated from there.

The airline backed up their decision to remove the family, saying in a statement, “The customer refused multiple requests from the crew to remove the items […] became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew, and made false accusations about a crew member’s fitness to fly.” Police were brought on board to remove the family and finally removed them.

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One of the flight attendants asked the passengers if they had been drinking because they were being “non-compliant.” Cameron Burke, the man featured in the video, told ABC that they received refunds at the terminal. While United Airlines and American Airlines have both experienced videos of passengers that caused backlash, this is the first time that JetBlue has had a major incident.

A family says that they were kicked off an airplane over a birthday cake, but JetBlue is telling a different story Twitter/CeFaan Kim
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