A supermarket’s surveillance video showed the moment a mom gave birth on a butcher’s apron KFSN screenshot
KFSN screenshot

It’s quite unlikely that a California woman will endure another shopping trip like the one she had this week.

Issimar Sepulveda, who owns the El Parian Neighborhood Market and Carniceria in Fresno, told KFSN that a woman came in to buy soda, “and then she told the cashier to call the ambulance.” Sepulveda said that attempts to contact emergency services were fruitless.

That’s when they heard screaming.

“So then I started listening to her screaming so then I came to the carniceria and then I was like what’s going on,” Sepulveda said. “She was right there like bending, oh my God, oh my God I am having my baby.”

Supermarket employees rushed to assist the woman. Their efforts were captured by the surveillance camera.

The video showed the pregnant woman walk over to a table while shopping and then fall to her knees. Another part of the video shows the woman giving birth as an employee rushes over to catch the baby in the butcher’s apron.

But the birth of the little boy was only part of the battle.

Sepulveda said that the baby looked purple following the birth.

“The baby was purple and I was like why was he purple, what’s going on and I was so worried praying God oh my God, help me, for you know, for the health of this baby,” recalled the mother of two.

An employee grabbed a suction syringe from their home so the baby’s airway could be cleared. The employees also kept the baby warm.

The supermarket shared a video of the baby, who was later named Toby, being taken to by the paramedics.

A picture of Sepulveda holding little Toby was shared in a Facebook post.


Anyone wishing to can leave a donation for Toby at the supermarket. A GoFundMe has also been set up for Toby and his mom, Erica.

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