Watch what happened when a huge crocodile found a giant fish washed up dead on a beach

Kate Rogers/Facebook

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s certainly no secret that animals are much of the reason why Australia is perceived to be a terrifying place.

Take, for instance, a video recently posted by an Aussie woman, which begins with the carcass of a dead groper fish floating in near the shore of a Cairns beach. After a few moments of floating, an animal’s body cuts through the surface of the water and makes a beeline to the dead fish.

The camera pans to a warning about crocodiles inhabiting the area, just before the rest of the video makes it extremely clear why such a thing would be needed.

The giant saltwater crocodile opens its mouth when it nears its meal. The massive animal makes several attempts to take a chunk out of the giant fish before it’s successful.

The DailyMail reports that the crocodile goes by the name of Bismark and has a bit of a following in the area.

A few beachgoers were thankful Bismark fed when he did, as they were wading in the same area earlier in the day.

Hungry for more scary croc footage?

Pilot and animal expert Matt Wright took a video of a bunch of crocodiles swimming down a waterway.

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