It’s no secret that firefighters have tough jobs, and a new video from a Georgia fire department certainly drives the point home.

WSBTV shared raw footage taken by a DeKalb County firefighter’s helmet camera while he was helping combat flames at the Avondale Forest Apartments earlier in the month.

At one point in the video, a man is seen rushing down a ladder as a baby cries in his arms. The baby was being rescued as the building burned all around them. A woman frantically screams, “Throw that baby” as the man tries to get down.

The man tosses the baby below and a firefighter catches in awaiting arms.

The terrifying catch can be seen in the following video, beginning at 0:48.

Fire Capt. Eric Jackson told reporters, “We were catching babies like a football — literally.”

“There were adults that were on the balcony that were dropping their babies right into our arms. We had a couple firefighters catching babies, so it was just really incredible.”

About 50 people lost their homes to the fire. Jackson said that four adults and eight children were hurt, mostly due to smoke inhalation.

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