Two diamond pythons entangle themselves in a duel for the right to mate with a female

Facebook/Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A video of two male diamond pythons fighting for dominance on a backyard deck in Wales has emerged.

In the footage, which was posted to the Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher Facebook page on Friday, the two pythons can be seen entangling one another as they dueled over a female snake. Locked in combat, they twist and turn around each other.

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“These two males will entwine each other and push the opposing males head down till the dominate male drives the other male away allowing him the opportunity to mate with a female in the area,” Colin Shoemark, who runs the Facebook page, said to the Daily Mail. “A not so common sight for most.”

Kelly Cox, whose home the snakes used as a battleground, said she didn’t realize they were fighting at first.

“I thought they were mating until Colin set me straight,” she said. “Milly (the dog) wasn’t impressed, but I was. Awesome.”

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