A brave woman wasted very little time when she saw a dog fall through the ice on a frozen lake.

The daring rescue at Trout Lake in Vancouver was shared by a Twitter user identified as Ben West, who said that she received a warm bath following her successful efforts.

West explained via an Instagram post that the woman rescued the dog even though she was not its owner:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen with my own eyes. A dog went out on the ice and fell through at Trout Lake and without hesitating this woman went out in the water breaking the ice with her hands and rescued the dog!?! It wasn’t even her dog. I’m so inspired and so happy it all worked out for the best. I saw the dog fall through the ice and screamed out. Community members all rushed to help and support her. We were all calling the dog’s name so it would keep swimming. She was rushed to a house in the neighbourhood and put in a warm bath while the paramedics were enroute. A few of us then had to chase this woman’s dog around in circles in the park as she looked for her owner. We finally got her and brought back to her owner. Wow…

She was reportedly heard saying, “He can’t get out, so I’ll have to go in,” before attempting the rescue.

West also shared a video of the rescue.

Several applauded the heroism displayed by the woman who risked her life for an animal that wasn’t hers.

According to West, the woman’s identity remains a mystery.

While this story ended on a positive note, authorities have since advised against walking on frozen lakes.

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