Store Clerk Bravely Fights Off Armed Robbers With Machete

What goes around comes around, right? Be careful what place you decide to rob because you never know what you might find. Turns out an Alabama clerk at a convenience store was minding his own business at 3 am, counting down the hours to go home when two individuals attempt to rob him. How did the fight end? In a knife-wielding fight. Seriously.

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Security camera shows one suspect, later identified as Seth Holcomb, walking up to the counter to make a purchase. When he leaves the store after paying, he quickly comes back in as if to make a second purchase. Out of nowhere, the man pulls out a large knife and threatens the clerk. Little did he know, the clerk decided to “counteroffer” his knife, by pulling up a full-blown machete!

Afraid for his life, because who wouldn’t be, Holcomb attempted to run away by leaving the store, but the clerk quickly follows him outside. As if it was a scene from Disney’s Aladdin, the robber, and the clerk begins a knife fight, with the men taking swings at each other.

Machete Vs. Knives!

A woman is then seen trying to enter the store, quickly realizing the man has a machete and runs back outside. The clerk then attempts to scare off the woman by attacking the car and banging the windshield with the machete. He then manages to take a swing at the woman, cutting her. Meanwhile, the male suspect goes back inside the store and steals the cash register.

According to police, the clerk said he simply wanted to do enough damage to the car so police could easily recognize it once the suspects left. Authorities were able to arrest the suspects, 32-year-old Seth Holcomb, and 33-year-old Laney Nicholson a few blocks away, and charged them both with theft of property and assault. Since the first-degree robbery is a Class A felony in Alabama, both could face life in prison if convicted.

Honestly, this is really impressive, you can’t make these things up. Props to that clerk who knew exactly what he was doing. Can you blame him? He was just trying to save his own damn life.  Be careful out there guys, you never know who might have a machete under their desk. Better yet, maybe just don’t go around robbing places. Just a thought.

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