Florida man’s night of pleasure delivered the pain as soon as she took off her bra

Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Florida man was thoroughly surprised when his decision to meet up with a woman from Craigslist did not end in an intimate evening, according to reports.

The victim found an ad on Craigslist soliciting sex and planned to meet up with a Pasco County woman. Pasco County deputies said the man was led all the way to the woman’s bedroom, took his clothes off and had managed to see her bare breasts when her boyfriend, Robert Roser, 39, walked in. ABC Action News reports that Roser showed the victim a badge and told him that he’d been caught in a police sting.

Roser allegedly had the victim remove the belongings from his pockets — a cellphone and some keys — and also conducted a fake search, reportedly confiscating $60 in cash and two condoms.

Authorities said Roser, keeping up the front of being an officer, said he would let the victim off with a warning and escorted him back to his vehicle. The victim then reportedly drove away — apparently he still had the keys, at least.

Real law enforcement officers arrested Roser and charged him with robbery.

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