Father Arrested For Shooting 2-Year-Old Son In The Face During Argument With Mom

A 32-year old cruel and cynical coward was arrested after intentionally shooting and wounding his 2-year-old son in the face during an argument with the boy’s mother, Nicole McCarthy. Michael Christopher Glance of Jackson County’s Blackman Township was arraigned via video on charges including assault with intent to murder. Jackson County prosecutors stated Glance had first held a handgun to his son’s head during the argument, squeezed the trigger, but initially didn’t fire.

This is when the mother quickly tried to flee with her son, but Glance followed them outside with a shotgun and “blew half of his face off” as the child was in his car seat. Glance had decided to take his anger out on an innocent 2-year-old. The boy was immediately taken to Henry Ford Allegiance Health hospital, where he was stabilized after being in critical condition. The toddler lost half of his hand and a significant portion of his face. Ryker has just celebrated his second birthday the weekend before the incident.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Medical experts stated Ryker had a total of 5 surgeries in 24 hours to repair his hand, lungs, and face. He had titanium placed in his jaw and surgeons have since reconstructed his gums, mouth, and nose. The toddler has over 100 stitches in his face post-surgery and is still listed in critical care with a ventilator and a feeding tube installed in his stomach.

The boy has a long road to recover and more surgeries to go, but he is under the custody of his mother. As for Glance, his bond has been set at $10 million and is facing assault with intent to murder, punishable by up to life in prison.

A GoFundMe page was set up for both Nicole McCarthy and Ryker to help cover medical expenses.

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