Florida Student Stopped For Speeding at 116 Mph to Make It To Class, Finds Out It’s Cancelled

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’re driving 186 kph, you’d better have a darn good reason.

And one Florida student did have a good reason — or so he thought. He was just trying to make it to class in time, he told officers who pulled him over.

The student was revealed as Joseph D’Andre Melhado, 20, a University of Florida student. Not only was he traveling at a remarkable rate (116 mph, to be exact) but he was weaving in and out of traffic and even driving alongside Interstate 75.

“Just trying to make it to class on time,” he told the highway patrol.

According to the conversation between the Florida Highway Patrol trooper and the student, Melhado was only about 15 minutes away from campus, with an hour to spare. But after offering several heartfelt apologies, Melhado told the patrolmen he had to be early to “prepare some stuff.”

“Back there, coming down that hill,” the trooper is heard saying in the video. “And then you used all three lanes, cut-off several cars, you’re reckless, man. You’re gonna get somebody killed.”

Well, apparently, he didn’t. Because it turned out that the class to which Melhado was racing … well, it got canceled.

Student Speeds at 116 Mph

Melhado did seem sincere in his apology as he made his way back from his BMW to the officer. He seemed perplexed that he’d been clocked at 116. And hey, sometimes in BMW, 116 mph may feel closer to 76 mph.

Fortunately, everyone survived just fine, the young man seemed to learn his lesson and hopefully will avoid this type of dangerous driving in the future. After all, it wasn’t even worth it in the first place. Still, what a stab to the chest finding out the class was canceled. I bet that didn’t sit well with that poor kid.

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