Former Co-star Says Arnold Schwarzenegger Farted in Her Face — on Purpose

In 1999, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the supernatural horror flop End of Days. And during filming, apparently, he farted in his co-star’s face. Actress Miriam Margolyes alleges that it was on purpose — and she’s still mad about it.

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Filming ‘End of Days’

In End of Days, Arnold Schwarzenegger played an ex-cop fighting to stop Satan (Gabriel Byrne) as he attempts to conceive a destructive Antichrist. Actress Miriam Margolyes had a small role in the movie as one of Satan’s cronies, who, at one point, battles Schwarzenegger’s character head-to-head.

It was during the filming of that scene that Margolyes says Schwarzenegger broke wind, directly in her face. Speaking recently on the podcast I’ve Got News For You, she detailed the episode to host Andrew Bucklow:

“He was actually quite rude. He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course, I do — but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face,” Margolyes said. “I was playing Satan’s sister and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and lying on the floor. And he just farted.”


As Margolyes explained, the offense occurred during a pause and was not caught on film. “I have not forgiven him for it,” she bluntly stated, adding that the star is “too full of himself.”

End of Days would go on to perform moderately at the box office, making a profit of roughly $100 million. But it earned negative reviews and, generally, is forgotten within the span of Schwarzenegger’s extensive career.

Who Is Miriam Margolyes?

The actress who levied the claims against Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariam Margolyes, is a British-Australian performer with an extensive resume. She’s best known for her roles in the Harry Potter series and Martin Scorsese’s Age of Innocence.

Starring alongside Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Winona Ryder in Age of Innocence, Margolyes’ turn as the powerful matriarch Mrs. Mingott earned her a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1994.

Throughout the Harry Potter movies, Margolyes portrayed beloved Professor Sprout, teaching herbology to the young wizards and heading the school’s Hufflepuff House.

A mainstay of the U.K. and Australian theater scenes, Margolyes has remained politically outspoken throughout her career. A staunch supporter of the Labour Party, she often makes headlines, speaking out against British officials and policies. During the interview with Bucklow, she also voiced critique of Schwarzenegger’s own political past, saying, “I don’t care for [Schwarzenegger] at all. He’s a Republican, which I don’t like.”

Margolyes has been with her partner, retired professor Heather Sullivan, since 1968.

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  1. She may not be aware that at a certain age, (which Arnold has certainly achieved!) farts come unbidden, and often uncontrollably. It’s beyond embarrassing.

  2. A ‘comedian’ who is known for her off-color and often graphic sexual content in her humor, and she is offended and spending years of her life being angry because someone farted in her general direction, on purpose? Good lord, is there no end to the Left’s hypocrisy. They spend so much damn time pointing the fingers at everyone else, rather than taking responsibility for their own behavior, that they can or won’t take a look at themselves. Double standards are the rule with these people.

    • If at this point you still have faith in the right at this point you’re either a psychopath or incredibly ignorant, and both are dangerous to be around. So on reflection i think I’d rather take hyperbole over abuse. Do better mate

  3. I was beginning to dislike Arnold because of shitbtalking about Trump, banging his ugly maid, stupid California political involvement, etc…now… love him again!😂Farting in this disgusting liberal dykes face?, … Bravisimo!!!Well done !!! Just the fact that she/it is still posed off after decades is worthy of accolades! I guess when he made “Predator”, he was so convincing delivering this line…” What da Hell ahhh you?!” He was thinking of her face?!😂

    • Grown men should be able to regulate their emotions, big man. You can even laugh about a fart to the face. I mean, it is funny, but I don’t see what her being socialist or lesbian has to do with it. Please provide some insight into how you reached this conclusion, or are you just an insecure little boy?

    • Daddy either didn’t love you enough, or maybe a little too much, if you catch my drift.
      Very angry and vitriolic response about 2 people you’ve never met, but hey if that’s how you attract quality human beings into your circle then who am I to judge…

  4. This Liberal Dyke is insane like all the rest! I am sure Arnold was just giving her a taste of what people like her are full of! Arnold needs to get over himself? How you being mad over a fart for a Decade? Get over yourself you stupid Bitch!

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