‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Identified After Indiana Mall Shooting, Say HIS Name

Elisjsha Dicken is a hero. He is also a ‘good guy with a gun’ no matter what other outlets write.

(Courtesy Dicken family via ABC News)

A psychopath had grand plans to shoot up a mall in Greenwood, Indiana. He even got away with it for about two minutes. But now he’s dead.

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The world can thank bystander Elisjsha Dicken for that. The 22-year old was also armed while at the mall with his girlfriend. Dicken noticed what was happening with the gunman, then pulled out his own weapon and unloaded. The act saved lives.

“He engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun, was very proficient in that, very tactically sound, and, as he moved to close in on the suspect, he was also motioning for people to exit behind him,” Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison said at a news conference, where he described surveillance video footage of the shooting.

Ison then went on to accurately describe Dicken’s actions as “nothing short of heroic.”

Sadly, three people were killed and two others injured before Dicken was able to save the day.

“When the gunman entered the mall just before 5 p.m., Chief Ison said, he walked directly to the food court’s bathroom, spending about an hour inside before exiting and taking aim at dozens of people eating dinner,” the New York Times reported. “Two minutes later, Mr. Dicken fatally shot the gunman.”

Dicken was initially handcuffed and taken away by police following the incident. His description of the events matched security camera footage, and he was soon released. He will not be charged with any crime. Just the opposite.

“He’s a young man processing a lot,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said. “I ask that you give him space and time to be able to process what he’s gone through.

“This young man, Greenwood’s good Samaritan, acted within seconds, stopping the shooter and saving countless lives.”

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  1. Bless you! You are a good guy with a gun. We need to hear more about good guys with guns. So glad you were there and that you have taken the time to know your weapon and how to use it.

  2. Thank you son!! SAVED HUNDREDS OF LIVES. CAN YOU IMAGINE Kids parents cousins uncles aunt being shot to death and causing someone’s family home thank you for your service I’m taking care of this animal God-bless you we should we need more of you we need to fight for our rights

  3. Great job, young man!
    You certainly deserve the Presidential Medal Of Freedom….but sadly, you won’t get it from sleepy Joe.
    But, maybe you’ll get it from the mayor of your town. I surely hope so. God bless you, son! 👍

  4. Like a bunch of silly little children, let’s praise the one out of hundreds of innocent bystander shootings where somebody was there with a gun. Hundreds of millions of guns in America, and the reason this one is noteworthy is because it almost never happens. We’d probably be quite a bit better off if we took a more adult approach like virtually every other advanced nation on the planet.

      • Please provide the web link or specific citation for your statistic.

        The information I’ve seen indicates no suchFBI statistic. The closest Icould find to the number you mention wax from a privately conducted, internet opt in survey in 2021. That is not the FBI estimate. The website American Gun Facts cites data from avariety of surveys and sources that result in estimates that range from 65,000 per year to 2.8 million per year. That website also explains the flaws in the survey methodologies. The result being that no one knows how many times firearms are used in self defense and both the pro and anti gun people are cherry picking data to support their positions.

    • Larry this a free country and you are entitled to your opinion. I and other freedom loving people do not agree with you.Countries like China and Russia do not allow their citizens to have guns how does that look to you would you like to live there that’s what you’re asking for

    • Larry, something tells me you would not be talking such BS if you were in the shooters sites or your loved ones. Just let that sink in for a minute.

    • We be better off if all the good people were armed like this young man instead of having gun free zones! Stop the stupid! Other countries are not better off for giving up their guns! If you don’t believe me then there are 6 million dead holocaust victims to prove me right!

      • You don’t even need to go back in history, just this summer over 200 Amhara slaughtered because they had no weapons to defend themselves.

    • I think you need to enrich your library with some books and periodicals reporting and critiquing armed citizen’s legal use of their guns. You would be surprised to learn how many times this happens but is unreported by anti-gun ignorant media.

      • The only feasible thing for America to do, is to promote responsible ownership and use of firearms. This fellow is an example of a responsible citizen using his to prevent a massacre. Forget about ‘a gun free America’ it’s just not going to happen. There are now more guns than people and America passed the point of no return long before this.

    • Exactly that’s all we need to praise him as a hero. We will be living in the Wild West. If we get rid of the problem (guns) we wouldn’t be having these shootings.

    • Thanks for sharing your ignorance with us. You’re free to move somewhere that tells you you don’t have the right to protect yourself.

  5. Thank you! You are a hero. More good people with guns that also know their weapon are needed. Maybe this craziness will end.

  6. Thank you young man. No telling how many lives you saved. You are a good man and many will call you a hero. You were a good man in the right place prepared to respond. My hat is off to you sir. Well done.

  7. I don’t understand how anyone can be upset or leave negative comments.This young man saved alot of lives the outcome would of been more deadly. I sure would want him in my corner.God Bless you

  8. One young man. Two minutes. Legal handgun. Shooter dead.
    Why wasn’t the Texas school shooting handled in such an efficient manor??

  9. A true hero, Lord knows just how many lives you saved, I bet your family is so proud of you.Thank you for being so brave.

  10. Because he has a conscious, I am sure as much as his act of bravery is appreciated, it will be difficult for him to process. I pray he gets the emotional support he needs and the odor I’ve comments he deserves.

  11. That is what Constitutional Carry is all about! It did not violate the Constitution, but upheld it’s 2nd Amendment right of the peoples to protect and defend (We The People)! Our constitution is written for that pupose FBI stats 2.1 million people that used it in defense of the people! Enough is Enough!
    When good ( men and women ) do nothing, Evil prevails! Give him a medal that is above and beyond the call of Duty as a Civilian!

  12. You were so brave! I hope you don’t have any problems justifying this to yourself. Think of how many people’s lives you saved. God bless and comfort you.

  13. They need to stop arresting and charging “good people” with a crime such as violating the “Gun Free Zone” law. It only tells the mentally ill mass shooters that they have a better chance of killing MORE people before getting killed or captured. It’s a stupid law that just harasses “Good” legal handgun owners and prevents them from doing what this young man did.

  14. What’s really stupid it was technically against the law for the good guy with the gun to be carrying in the shopping center. I don’t go anywhere without a concealed weapon. Gun free zones are the most dangerous. Soft targets.

  15. Gunman, Elisjsha Dicken, enters a mall, encounters another gunman, and shoots him dead. What was this DIcken fellow doing carrying a loaded weapon into a public place like a mall in the first place? Why is it so easy for civilians to carry guns? What happens when the next time Dicken or a gun enthusiast like him shoots someone and that someone isn’t another gunman but, rather, an innocent bystander, or someone shot by accident, or maybe (in a fit of anger) his girlfriend or family member?

    • Because you are a libtard moron that doesn’t understand it was not illegal for Eli Dicken to be LAWFULLY carrying his weapon in the mall. The mall may have had signs saying no weapons allowed but unless they actually see the weapon and then tell him to leave he was perfectly legal. If he refused to leave then he could have been charged with trespassing. But you in all of your libtard idiocy believe that it would have been better if he did not have a weapon and more people died. Fool.

  16. I applaud this young man. However the good guy with a gun is rarely a successful strategy regarding gun violence. In Buffalo the good guy had a gun but the bad guy had armor on. The good guy died. When will people understand, I just want stronger gun control, not your guns?

  17. It’s amazing to me how many uneducated people there are here that don’t understand the constitution or the second ammendment. They would have been happy if many more people would have been killed. You need to ask yourself why these people are commenting on things they have no first hand knowledge of. Seriously they are mentally unstable and live in their little universe. They would change their tune if they got shot or someone in their family got saved. Hypocrits all. They need to shut the heck up. They were not there. Thank God for this young man.

  18. I am one of the more liberal posters on the Internet, so my comment might surprise some folks. I admire Mr Dicken for what he did. It took a lot of courage to confront that shooter. If a “madman” is going on a shooting spree and a “good guy” starts firing at him, doesn’t that INSTANTLY make the “good guy” with a gun the next likely target? Also, Mr Dicken COULD have decided just to avoid confrontation and become less likely to be a target for the shooter? If nothing else, this case should be studied in an attempt to prevent the “mindless shooting spree” from being so common as it is.

  19. China? Russia? One country kills protestors in the streets. The other has a gulag where Criminals are treated like animals and where the russian mafia runs huge parts of cities. This young man is a hero and should be treated accordingly. You people scoff at America and take freedom for granted because you can. Try being in a country and not having for a day. Then youll see.

  20. You know that this government is afraid of good people having guns because they lie so much that the people just might shoot all the so called (for the people Dems.} that’s why communists don’t want their people to protect themselves! WE ARE NOT Communists AND don’t want to be like them. Our Gov.is getting more and more like the Chinese and Russian governments! We better wise up!

  21. I think it was a brave and courageous thing this 22 year old did !!! Thank you for protecting the lives of innocent people and by using your gun appropriately as how guns should be used … as a method of protection and not violence as such as the shooter was doing in misusing his gun to harm people instead of using the gun as protection …

    You are a HERO despite anything else you might hear from
    Others …. God bless you . Hugs and many more !!!

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