Homeless Man Handing Out Resumes Gets More Than 200 Job Offers

Unemployed web developer David Casarez decided to move from Austin, Texas to Silicon Valley in California in the hopes of breaking into the tech industry. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances caused Casarez to end up homeless after he blew through his savings. At his lowest point, and after days of sleeping in park benches and stairwells, the web developer decided to make a sign and stand in the streets to ask for help.

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Casarez stood in the middle of the street with a sign that read “ HOMELESS HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS, TAKE A RESUME”, which was shared on Twitter by Jasmine Scofield. Scofield thought his dedication showed bravery and truth, which is why she posted a photo of Casarez holding the sign and his resume on her personal twitter account, @jaysc0. The post quickly went viral with over 40,000 shares and 222,000 likes as of July 27.

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According to Casarez’ resume, he is a college graduate from Texas A&M University, is detail oriented, and a highly adaptable professional with experience developing, testing, and deploying software, and has experience doing freelance work in Silicon Valley.

Scofield spoke with KTVU, and explained her decision for uploading the photo, stating this was his make-or-break moment. She expressed how it was Casarez’s last opportunity, and he went for it, which is why she decided to help him knowing it will make an impact on social media. Cazarez said he has received over 200 job offers since the post went viral, and has been in contact with representatives from several tech companies such as Google, Linkedin, Netflix, Apple, and Pandora. He is currently spending his time scheduling job interviews. It’s safe to say the freelance web developer will find employment in no time.

Many people online have applauded Casarez’s hustle, and have shared his story through social media.



Since going viral, Casarez signed up for a Twitter account and thanked Jasmine for her help and everyone for the support.

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