Ikea Shoppers Stunned After Man Walks ‘Human Dogs’ Through Store

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Everyone could use a furry little friend, even if that furry friend is pretend. That seemed to be the philosophy of some guy who walked around two dogs in IKEA in Scotland. Except the dogs weren’t actually dogs. They were just dudes dressed up like dogs.

Apparently, this is a thing now, and surprisingly, these folks known as “furries” are exercising their right to dress just about any way they wish. If that means wearing a dog costume while shopping for furniture, so be it.

“I was just having lunch at around 1 p.m. in IKEA with my wife when I saw the two guys dressed like dogs walking past with their friend or dad,” said Alan Watson, who recorded the man and his fake best friends, via Edinburgh Live.

Dogs at Ikea!


The wannabe canines were sporting masks and tails that wagged, and given that about 99 percent of our population likely has no idea of this so-called furry subculture, customers may have thought there was a holdup taking place.

For some, that may have been preferable.

Anyway, here is how Edinburgh Live described the furry phenomenon:

“Adults who dress as dogs like this are also known as furries. The furry fandom is a subculture interested in non-human characters conveying human characteristics such as walking on two legs, wearing clothes and displaying human emotions. Many in the community take part in role-play while dressed as a ‘furry’ and that can sometimes entail going out in public while wearing the costume.”

Apparently, it can also entail looking for a good sofa, or maybe some general home appliances.

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