Insane Video Shows Speeding Car Hit Two Student Fighting in Massive Brawl

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A massive brawl broke out between several college students, resulting in wild injured. The video has gone insanely viral on social media after it shows a terrible accident that left viewers in shock. While in the middle of the brawl, several people can be seen throwing punches and kicks at each other, but the crash left viewers with mouths open. Two students can be seen fighting in the middle of the road as a car is speeding towards them, crashing into them at full force. 

 The speeding Honda didn’t have time to break and hit the two students from behind. Both of the students work quickly thrown to the ground, and one slipper can be seen flying in the air as he lands on top of another car. The video is said to be recorded inside of a second car.

Speeding Car Hits Two Student Fighting in Massive Brawl

The Honda quickly comes to a stop, but the brawl unfortunately continues. One of the students who got hit by the car was quickly seen being slapped by another person as he caught up on his feet. The students later ran away from the spot after seeing a policeman approaching.  According to authorities, the incident occurred in the Masuri area of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. The driver was quickly arrested following the crash.

According to Ghaziabad police, several students have been arrested and the car was seized. Authorities stated that the fight broke out over a “petty issue.” 

“A few college students were seen fighting with each other. During this, some people were hit by a speeding car,” S.P. Rural Ghaziabad, Dr. Iraj Raja stated. “In connection to this incident, immediate action was by the police and a few students have been detained. They are being questioned. We have also seized the car seen in the video,”

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