Inventor of Pringles Can Was Cremated and Buried in One of The Cans

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When you come up with something as awesome and well-received as Pringles potato chips, you want your invention to last a lifetime.

Or in the case of the man who invented the famous Pringles can, long into the after-lifetime.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Fredric J. Baur was the man who invented the container, which has been popular for decades. He died May 4 at Vitas Hospice in his hometown of Cincinnati at the age of 89.

Before passing, Baur requested his burial — which involved part of his ashes being placed in a Pringles can. And so it was done, his son , Lawrence Baur, said, via the Guardian. The rest of his remains were placed in an urn alongside the can.

History of Pringles

Fredric Baur was proud of his Pringles invention, which he came up with while working in the research development and quality control department at Cincinnati-based Proctor & Gamble in 1966. Baur was granted a patent for the method of packaging the curved, stacked potato chip in 1970. It’s been a hit ever since.

While Baur retired about a decade or so after the patent was granted, the can’s design lived on. His remains were placed in an “Original” flavor container.

Baur was born June 14, 1918, in Toledo, Ohio, and is an alum of the University of Toledo. He’s also a Navy veteran and received a master’s and PhD degrees from Ohio State.

Along with coming up with the idea for the Pringles can, Baur developed freeze-dried ice cream and several frying oils.

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