Jack Nicklaus Says ‘Cancel Culture’ and Politics Forced PGA to Move Event

The PGA Championship – the second of pro golf’s four majors, or “grand slam” events, each year – gets underway Thursday at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This year’s PGA Championship was originally scheduled to be played at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, about 40 miles west of New York City in Somerset County.

But shortly after the U.S. Capitol riots in January 2021, PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh pulled this week’s tournament from Trump’s signature course and announced it would be moved to Southern Hills.

Now, the great Jack Nicklaus – golf’s all-time leader with 18 major wins – is calling out the PGA for the decision to change venues.

The “Golden Bear” says Waugh “took the job because he thought he could give the PGA of America some good guidance. And I think he’s doing that. But this move is cancel culture.” Nicklaus made the comments in an interview that was published Monday.

“We’re fiduciaries for our members, for the game, for our mission and for our brand,” Mr. Waugh said of the PGA of America at the time. “Our feeling was, given the tragic events of Wednesday, that we could no longer hold it at Bedminster. The damage could have been irreparable. The only real course of action was to leave.”

“Donald Trump may be a lot of things,” Nicklaus added, “but he loves golf and he loves this country.

“He‘s a student of the game and a formidable figure in the game. What he does in the future in golf will depend on what the cancel culture will allow him to do,” the golf legend told Fire Pit Collective for a broad article about this weekend’s PGA Championship and some of pro golf’s financial and tour disputes.

In May 2017, Trump started to use the Bedminster property for weekend retreats during the summer when Mar-a-Lago is closed for the season, and he spent 17 nights there during his presidency. Which earned the Bedminster property the moniker “Summer White House.”

In 2015, Trump received approval to build a family cemetery at the estate that would include a classical mausoleum. Trump indicated that he wants to be buried at the Bedminster golf course.

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  1. 100%behind what Jack Nickalaus is saying. I’m 100% behind Donald Trump and I’ll not watch any golf tournament that has changed it’s venue AWAY Donald Trump.

  2. Some might say that trying to cancel the 2020 election so he could keep the presidency after being soundly defeated was the ultimate in cancel culture. It also didn’t reflect much love or respect for the country.

      • The 2020 “election” was RIGGED! Do you really believe that 80M people voted for a guy that can’t complete a sentence, OR a thought?

      • Washington (CNN)President-elect Joe Biden’s margin over President Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote is now more than 7 million votes and may continue to grow as several states continue counting votes.
        Biden’s lead over Trump is the second largest since 2000, and is about two and a half times larger than Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Trump in 2016.
        As of Friday morning, Biden had won about 81.2 million votes, the most votes a candidate has won in US history, and Trump had won about 74.2 million. Trump’s vote count makes him the second-highest vote earner in American history.

      • Sorry to say, people didn’t vote for Biden they voted against Trump.Trump is a gangsterdeserves all activities suspended at all his properties.

    • Trump was soundly cheated. Are you pleased with the Dems accomplishments since 2020? Have you by chance noticed Biden’s approval rating? Come on midterms. Time to take out the trash 🤮

    • Your an idiot if you think Biden soundly won. There was obviously enough fraud to overturn the election and evidence to prove it.

      • Only brain dead trumptards, like You, refuse to accept the truth. Joe Biden won a fair and free election! Get over it and get a life!

      • But when it went to court there was no evidence produced. Just because one feels a certain way is no proof of anything factual.

      • Really?!! Give us the proof!!! All the idiots can say are we have the proof! But I guess you must have misplaced it!!

    • Soundly defeated by fake mail in votes. You are telling me the dude who couldn’t leave the basement beat someone who drew hundred of thousands of people everywhere he went. Canceling the election was the only hope for the dems. That’s exactly what they did. Canceled a fair election.

    • Why would Trump had believed anything at that point. Four years of made-up Russia Gate, 2 baloney impeachments, Twitter was hiding Hunter Biden’s exploits, because of Covid 19, voting by mail was rampart and truly unmonitored. Biden was/is a babbling idiot. Trump should have the Demo party totally invest their efforts in fighting him and hand off his endorsement to Nikki Haley for president. Then write a global best-selling book, based on his experiences and opinions. Go play golf and point-out the liberal bull-s__t.

    • Finally a sensible comment. Thank you for acknowledging the devastating impact of January 6, 2021 on our country.

  3. Longtail has it exactly right. Trump loves Trump and no one else. He’s a Putin loving traitor to the country he swore an oath.

  4. Exactly! Trump loves Trump and the only feelings he has about our country or Americans is how much money he can grift.

      • I’m sure we can see his massive charitable donations on his tax returns (which we’ll all see after the audit:-)

      • He donated his salary because he didn’t want to give up his businesses. Not because he was “ charitable”…all about himself and money he can make. He doesn’t or didn’t care about the little people, except to tell them what they wanted to hear then laugh.

      • He made millions more using the office of POTUS for personal gain. Giving up the salary was a lucrative swap and he fooled people into thinking it was a selfless act.

      • The failure of our education system becomes more obvious with each brainwashed comment I read here.

      • Yep that’s why everyone was benefiting from him being in office and everything was good and now nobody is benefiting and everything is fucked. Wake the fuck up liberal idiots. You fucking liberals will never admit your wrong even when you know your wrong.

    • Considering that he lost 1 billion of his net worth while president. The country was running better than ever.
      I think he truly cares about the American people. A lot more than the buffoon in the White House now.

      • He lost a billion dollars because he’s a terrible businessman. His children made up what he supposedly lost!!

      • Really! Might I remind you of the number of Americans who died of Covid 19 as he lied and played it down.

  5. Boo, hiss, Jack Nicklaus, shame on you. Complimenting Trump on his golfing skills is ludicrous, the man cheats every time and many people have seen this and talked about it. Anyone cheating in a sport is not worthy of praise, far from it. You have lost any respect I ever had for you.

    • I’m sure Jack Nicklaus is going to work hard to regain your respect. I don’t know if he can move on without it. Also, Nicklaus didn’t compliment his “golfing” skills, he said he was a student of the game and a formidable figure. Both of which are true.

    • It’s only cheating if he’s got something in the game… if he’s playing to relax and have a good day… who cares… Jack Nicklaus is a great golfer and ambassador of the game and the PGA …together with Palmer… they took the PGA to what it is today with the likes of Michelson and then Tiger to its current level… and now the new commissioner is dividing and weakening the PGA Tour… Please, let’s not politicize the game.

      • So cheating is OK so long as you don’t get caught? You Trumpers are a special bunch.

    • Jack is just another old racist white man. They are like a cancer. Destroying America with their bullshit. Trump is a traitor and was one BEFORE Jan 6. He doesn’t love America. He loves himself. Yes 81 million voted for Biden and we will do it again to save America from right wing lunatics. You can take that to the bank.

  6. Trump loves golf? There’s a ton of documented stories about his golf cheating and generally bizarre behavior around golf. And the most fundamental of all golf “rules of the game” is no cheating.

  7. Trump is widely considered to be a golf cheat! He shouldn’t be allowed near the game that is built on honesty and self discipline. Jack got it wrong! I used to be a big fan. Trump is a poor excuse for a human and a criminal. He should never have been honored with ant golf tournament at one of his clubs, let alone a Major.

    • And you believe everything you read from the crooked media🤐. They never gave Trump anything,
      no matter what good things he did. Joe can’t do anything without listening to who is coaching him with his ear piece. He has put America on the wrong course. The economy has never been this bad in at least 40 years! Jack Nicholas is right!

  8. Trim is a real estate genius. He owns space in millions of fool’s heads, and didn’t spend a cent for it.

  9. I have no idea why so many pro golfers seem to respect and admire a serial golf cheater who tried to overthrow the government. It’s a bad look.

  10. If Trump cheats, it fits his ego. However, what his tenure in the WH revealed and is still revealing in most of these posts is the massive overwhelming hate solidly housed in so many of your souls. Other that how his policies were so good for our country, that revelation of so many leftists eternal bitterness was my 2nd favorite fact about Trump. And I love the post about free real estate in so many bring because it points at you…you think that ruining this country with Build Back Better is the smart answer to Trump. SO, revelation of your hate soaked soul is then followed by logical idiocy. So that is then Hate Back Bitter. Well Done Lefties!

  11. Donald Trump was the worst President in US History. He only cares about himself, not his country or anything else. Trump is a liar and a cheat and why Jack would have anything to do with the most dishonorable figure in American history is beyond me. The prospect of another Trump presidential term is sickening and a horror story in the making. Jack should stick to his charitable giving and forget about his dear pal, Donald.

  12. Sorry Jack,
    You really showed your alignment with Trump and has nothing to do with cancel culture. It has to do with an American organization not supporting an entity that tried to overthrow the Government.

  13. Um, you Trump haters are showing your ignorance. Clearly blinded by hate you follow the left wing propaganda to a tee and proceed to do the exact thing Mr Jack Nicklaus is saying that the PGA did to Trump.
    Lemmings you all are. Why don’t you start looking at facts and thinking for yourselves instead of believing the propaganda (see main stream media). Such small brains!

  14. I am ashamed of you Jack Nicklaus. Your comment is nonsense and the proper steps were taken. Cheeto’s anything should not get another dime. We wouldn’t play Turnberry when in Scotland for that reason,

    Good decision by the PGA.

  15. Trump loves golf but he definitely does not love America. He’s a cheat and a loser, and now a treasonous traitor that will hopefully go down in jail. He’ll definitely go down as one of the worst presidents of America. Wake up Trump heads and get a clue.

  16. Lol how can peop say he’s worse president?! Have you seen what’s going on? The government does need overthrown! We the people need to clean house and start fresh! Then again I guess some people like a president who can’t talk right and pay $6 a gallon. Biden is the worse ever in my lifetime. Say what you want about Trump but that’s why they all want him out because he did what he said he was going to do! When Biden has China running this country you all will find out!

  17. ….JACK. With due respect. “He loves this country”?. Hard to believe, this guy loves power, his kids and women – in that order. He had a lot of us fooled, but, when a man is a lair, you NEVER ever trust him again. And he is a LAIR. He could learn from someone like you and Barbara and Your KIDS.

  18. Leave Jack alone. He was right about changing the golf venue away from Trumps course. He is not talking politics. He was right on.

  19. I thought the PGA and golf in general was above all of that stupidity. Just keep politics out of sports and just play the game!!

  20. It’s nothing to do with Trump.s love of golf. It’s about his support of rich WHITE people only, like you Jack.

  21. Let us not forget that the riot happen on January 6th, The Donald had requested on January 4th that 10 to 20 thousand national guard troops be assigned to protect the capitol, that was turned down by Pelosi and the other dems that had to agree with his request. Also if you listen to what he said not adding words or adding your opinion he said to the people marching on the capitol to be peaceful

  22. Unbelievable…Anybody that still thinks the guy hiding in his basement is preferable to a bonafide patriot that not only loves his country and was in the process of making it great again, should be on medication. As the saying goes… Ignorance can be cured but for some folks this stupidety should qualify as a crime. The current administration is a universal embarrassment and a joke. Amazing that there are still folks out there that don’t realize that the current administration is destroying our country and our creditability. Scary

  23. Just because you know how to hit a ball doesn’t mean you have a firm grip on the ethics involved in this type of decision. To hold a major tournament at a course owned by a traitor to our country does not seem to send the right message. And, please, DO NOT tell me that he loves this country. Besides himself all that he loves is money and power.

  24. Sorry Jack, But no matter how much you think Trump loves golf and this country he incited violence against our capitol and our congress. Nobody wants to be associated with that.

  25. Says the man who lives in a community that bars Jews and blacks. His opinion about anything other than the game itself is worthless.

  26. Follow the money; it’s all about the Benjamin. No one who love this country will be part of an attempt Insurrectionist.

  27. ‘Trump loves his country’ Nicklaus must have been in a coma the last decade. And what is this ‘cancel culture’ manure? Conservatives love their clever little witticisms/buzzwords i.e. cancel culture, CRT, deep state, Brandon, woke, etc.

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