Kamala Harris Calls Secretary Miguel Cardona “Michael” (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in Springfield, Virginia yesterday with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. During her speech, Harris wrongfully referred to Miguel Cardona as “Michael”.

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See a clip of that embarrassing moment below…

CBS News reports on Harris’ visit…

The Biden-Harris campaign plans to make addressing gun violence a key focus of President Biden’s reelection effort, and Vice President Kamala Harris will be a “leading voice” on the issue, according to senior Democratic sources.

On Friday, Harris will mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day with a speech at a high school in Springfield, Virginia, named after John Lewis, the late Democratic congressman and civil rights icon.

Harris’ remarks will highlight the president’s commitment to ending gun violence and “underscore the fear and trauma students, teachers and parents experience as a result of gun violence,” according to a White House official.

“Parents should not have to pray after dropping their child off at school that they will be safe in class. They should not fear the worst every time they get a text or call from their child’s school,” Harris plans to say, according to an excerpt of her prepared remarks shared with CBS News. “Teachers should not have to start each new year instructing a child on how to barricade the classroom door. Kindergarten students should not have to practice lockdown drills and rehearse how to turn off the lights and hide quietly in a closet.”


The government has no lawful authority to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Perhaps we should address the fact that shootings seem to frequently happen in government controlled schools.

If the government was less worried about restricting our God-given right to own guns, and more focused on securing the schools that they themselves control, then perhaps there would be far less school shooting in America.

One thing is for certain, no matter the legislation passed, you cannot ban guns. There are simply too many ways to circumvent regulations, and too many guns in circulation.

Any legislation passed on the basis of restricting access to firearms will only be used to target the political enemies of those in power.

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