The feud between President Donald Trump and basketball dad LaVar Ball is beginning to lose steam, but Ball is doing his best to keep his name in the conversation.

On Wednesday night, a TMZ reporter caught up with Ball as he was leaving the Los Angeles Lakers game, and Ball said that he’s sent President Trump a pair of shoes. Ball’s “Big Baller Brand” just released a new line of sneakers, the ZO2s, which retail at around $500 minimum. But the famous father said he doesn’t know if Trump will be able to get his hands on the sneakers, adding, “He should have them — unless they took them.”

Ball’s feud with the president began when his son LiAngelo (who plays basketball at UCLA) was arrested in China on shoplifting charges. Trump claimed that he was responsible for getting the student-athlete out of prison, but Ball downplayed the impact of Trump’s intervention.

When Trump heard about Ball’s comments, he fired off of a series of tweets criticizing the sports dad and even called him “a poor man’s Don King.”

Ball, who was pushing his clothing brand, wasted no time capitalizing on the free publicity, appearing on CNN for a bizarre off-the-rails interview with Chris Cuomo. And his feud with the president has only cemented his status as a household name — the attention Trump gave him equated to over $13 million in free publicity, per Apex Analytics. When asked about that figure by a TMZ reporter, Ball flashed a cocky grin and quipped, “I must be good.” He even reached the pinnacle of fame in American society: a parody on “Saturday Night Live” in which his character, as portrayed by Keenan Thompson, bragged, “I am 8 feet tall, I can just 20 feet high. This past Thanksgiving, I ate 100 turkeys.”


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LaVar has made quite a name for himself with the ridiculous statements that he spits out. Here are just a few of his most absurd predictions and boasts:

While Trump has bragged about his golf game and announced that he was once the best baseball player in New York, he’s not known for his skill on the basketball court. But with a pair of $500 shoes, maybe we’ll see him on the hardwood.

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