“Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe is known for his conservative, down-to-earth approach and when a Facebook fan asked Rowe for a few words of wisdom on the Parkland school shooting, Rowe didn’t disappoint.

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In a lengthy Facebook post, Rowe wrote that he’s “overwhelmed with pity for the victims and their families” but repeated the same opinion that he says he expressed after the mass shootings in Las Vegas and San Bernardino. He explained, “evil is real. As long as humans have walked the earth, people have chosen to do evil things. That’s what happened in Florida.”

Rowe added that we should discuss the factors that might have “encouraged [shooter Nikolas Cruz] to choose evil over good,” but he also wrote, “we should also stop confusing the influence of such things, with the root cause. Because nothing in this man’s past can possibly explain his decision to kill seventeen people.”

In offering words of comfort, he was even more frank, writing “people from horrible backgrounds often become the epitome of kindness. And people with every imaginable advantage, often go on to squander everything.” He added later, “beyond that, I’m afraid I can offer nothing but my weekly attempt to prove that goodness also walks among us, just as surely as evil. In numbers far greater than our newsfeeds would lead us to believe.”

While he’s not on television any more, Rowe is currently running his own show, called “Returning the Favor”, which appears on Facebook.

Rowe has been an advocate of heartland viewpoints that resonate with conservatives. In December of 2016, he joined Fox’s Tucker Carlson to talk about spoiled millennials and the state of the work force and he has been a defender of the administration.

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