Paramount Set to Release New Documentary About 2017 Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One of the worst acts of American history will be detailed in a documentary set to be released on Paramount+.

The documentary, 11 Minutes, will take viewers inside the horrific tales of terror surrounding the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. The mass shooting left 58 people dead and more than 800 injured.

Country music star Jason Aldean was on the stage at the time of the shooting and will address it for the first time in Paramount’s four-part documentary — which begins streaming on Sept. 27.

“When I turned around, my bass player was just looking at me like a deer in the headlights,” Aldean said. “And my security guy was on stage at that point, telling me to get down, waving me off the stage.”

11 Minutes | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Mostly, 11 Minutes is about the stories of survivors, many of who were caught in the line of fire but stuck around to try to help victims.

“It’s important that people know the truth out of respect for those we lost, out of those who were injured, those who are still mentally and physically scarred … that everybody’s spirits and legacies remain intact. That friendships made that night in those 11 minutes were made for a reason,” said SiriusXM radio host and festival emcee Storme Warren, via Broadway World. “The story, to me, wasn’t about a shooter. It was about people helping each other.”

Ashley Hoff, a survivor of the shooting, will serve as executive producer.

“As I ran out of that field, I believe I witnessed some of humanity’s greatest moments,” she said. “I’ve gotten to hear from many fellow survivors, some of the strongest, bravest, most resilient people I’ve ever met.”

Aldean said he can occasionally feel a bit of guilt himself.

“It’s hard not to feel a little guilty. I mean, those people were there to support us,” he said.

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