Scantily Clad Girl-Fight Breaks Out at High-End Vegas Casino

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A woman in a thong was seen dragging another woman off a scooter in Las Vegas, and that was just the half of it.

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As video and pictures from the incident revealed, a fight involving scantily clad women was full of kicks, slaps, hair-pulling and maybe a couple of thrown shoes.

It also involved a man trying to separate them, and one of the combatants — sporting little beyond a thing and tank top — being pinned to the ground by a security guard.


And this wasn’t just anywhere in Vegas, mind you. It actually took place inside the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino, which just happened to be hosting a poker tournament.

For the most part, it’s hard to tell who is fighting who or why a woman in a sweatsuit showed up to slap another woman in the face. Nor do we have any idea what started this madness.

What we do know, according to one angle of the video, is that the poker tournament just kept on rolling through it all. A fight of females, it seems, did very little to disturb those involved in the games.

Again, this all took place at a high-end casino that’s housed in one of the most upscale hotels in Las Vegas. It just goes to show, a scantily clad fight can break out anywhere these days.

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