‘Stranger Things’ Pizza Company Answers When You Call


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

You can’t actually pace an order from Surfer Boy Pizza, but for fans of the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, you can at least try. And that is likely reward enough.

Anyone who has watched Stranger Things 4 knows all about the West Coast pizza joint and its lovable stoner employee, who goes by Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco). Well, apparently he will answer the phone in real life. Or almost real life.


Per Mashable: “For your own slice of Stranger Things action, call the number on the Surfer Boy Pizza van: 805-45-PIZZA. One fan tweeted that she heard the happy birthday song when she called, but I got a greeting from Argyle himself. It’s short but sweet, and for just a brief moment, you feel like you’re living in the same world as Eleven and co. So dial up Surfer Boy Pizza, brochachos — just be sure not to knock pineapple on pizza until you try it.”

We also called and received a “Surf’s up, Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking,” from Argyle himself, before he broke into a one-minute and 14-second dialogue about toppings. The number is based in San Luis Obispo, California.

So if you’ve taken in Season 4 already, and looking to fill the void, you may want to go ahead and give Surfer Boy Pizza a ring. Just don’t expect to get a pizza. But hey, maybe you can somehow track down Eleven.

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