Tiny things are all the rage these days. There are entire videos online showing real-life, breathing people making foods that make “bite sized” seem oversized.

Of course with this fascination with itty bitty items, there’s always a new one to come around and pique the public’s interest. This time, it’s an envelope.

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Sam Cooney (@SamuelCooney), a Publisher-in-residence at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia shared a photo of a letter his office received tucked into a larger one do to its size.

“Someone sent us something in an envelope so (officially) tiny that Australia Post had to put it inside a bigger envelope, and i really don?t want to break the magic and open it,” he tweeted. The puny piece of mail was marked “so tiny” as the official reason it had to be sent in something else, and the internet loved it.

“I didn’t know mail could be cute,” tweeted one person. Neither could we.

Now that we’ve fawned to our hearts content, we just need to know who just what’s in this teensy-weensy message.

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