The Daily Caller says TheBlaze TV, the conservative media company behind Tomi Lahren’s show “Tomi,” has suspended her show for “at least one week, starting Monday,” according to their sources.

Lahren created a minor storm of controversy after the contentious commentator revealed that she was pro-choice. In an interview on “The View,” Lahren insisted that it’s not ideologically sound to believe in limited government while advocating for government-mandated abortion restrictions. In the same interview, she called out conservatives who opposed government intrusion while maintaining intrusive laws on abortion as “hypocrites.”

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Coupled with her famously aggressive rhetoric that’s gotten her in trouble with coworkers before, Lahren’s comments may have been the last straw for her at the media company. The Daily Caller reports that though her contract runs through September, she may depart the company before then.

Did Tomi Lahren just get herself ousted? Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP
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