Couple drinking by the pool decides to go the bedroom — then the teeth come out

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

That bites.

In today’s edition of “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” police say that a vacationing Ohio woman who bit her husband as they got it on at a hotel is a dental hygienist.

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The 42-year-old woman, Florida Keys News reported, was jailed after getting drunk poolside with her husband, going to their hotel room and allegedly locking her teeth on his forearm.

Jennifer Hickman, who police say was drunk, said, “I’m going to f—ing kill him” and “yell[ed] and scream[ed] the entire ride to the jail.”

It was an employee at the Key West, Florida, hotel who alerted police after becoming aware of the domestic disturbance. That employee called the room and a man answered the phone crying.

The husband said the intimate moment turned sour when his wife accused him of using her.

And get this: the couple’s son was on vacation with them and attempted to get between officers and their arrest of his mother, who was laying down on a beach chair.

The victim declined to be treated at the hospital for what was described as redness and bruising on his forearm area.

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On the police report, Hickman’s weapon of choice was listed as “teeth.”

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