“It was a girl by the way,” a teen texted her boyfriend after throwing their newborn out a window Twitter/New York Post
Twitter/New York Post

A Nebraska teenager admitted to throwing her newborn baby out of a window after sending a series of disturbing text messages to her boyfriend. Antonia Lopez, 16, reportedly texted her boyfriend, “It was a girl by the way” after the incident, which occurred in September.

Attorney Don Kleine revealed that his office agreed to move Lopez’s case from district court, where she would have been charged as an adult with negligent child abuse resulting in death, to juvenile court after considering her lack of criminal record and her mental state.

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?It?s a horrible case ? terrible,? Kleine said. ?To me, after we looked into it, the way things happened, it didn?t seem to be anything you would label as an adult-specific act. It wasn?t a planned-out, thought-out process. It was more of a panicked reaction.?

Lopez gave birth in the early morning hours of September 30, 2016 in her apartment. She then “panicked at that point and threw the baby out the window from her room,” according to police. She confessed her actions to her mother, who allegedly found the infant and called 911. Lopez and the newborn were rushed to the hospital, and the baby was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The teen told investigators she did not know she was pregnant. Lopez’s boyfriend, however, has disputed that claim, insisting that he urged her to tell her mother about the pregnancy.

Had Lopez’s case remained in district court, she would have faced 20 years in prison. Instead, she will either be placed on probation or admitted into a group home or detention facility.

?She obviously has some issues that need to be dealt with,? Kleine said, adding that the best course is to her Lopez treatment and to rehabilitate her. ?She needs help.?

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