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Michelle Marie Thompson of Colorado has been arrested and charged with trespassing after she was found lurking around First Data Field in Florida, where the New York Mets are currently undergoing spring training. Staff members reported seeing a woman, later identified as Thompson, hanging around the complex looking for former NFL player Tim Tebow, who had just arrived for Minor League Baseball camp.

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When asked by police for her driver’s license, they noticed a small sticker on the back that read, “I heart Tim Tebow.” They questioned her about why she was at the stadium, and she claimed to be in a relationship with Tebow. An officer proceeded to ask her if the relationship was a “friendly relationship, a platonic relationship, a romantic relationship or possibly a matrimonial relationship,” and Thompson replied, “All of the above.” She even gave authorities Tebow’s Jacksonville address and claimed that she lived with him.

Thompson was first issued a trespassing warning. However, police say she returned to the complex two days later, leading to her arrest. She is currently being held at the St. Lucie County Jail on a $750 bond.

“I wish her the best and wish she gets the help she needs,” said Tebow, adding that he still feels safe connecting with fans.

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