High School Football Player Killed In Dallas Robbery

A high school junior and football player has died after being shot in what Dallas police have indicated was a robbery situation.

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Keymere McCriston, 17, was inside a vehicle that had crashed when he died, police said. McCriston was a 6-foot, 300-pound offensive lineman on the Carter High School football team.

Jasmine Corbin, a nearby president, told NBC 5 News that she was watching television with her 2-year-old son when she heard loud noises coming from outside.

“There was a loud boom, like a really, really, loud boom and then all the power went off,” Corbin said. “I called the police. I grabbed my weapon.”

Corbin told the outlet she walked outside and saw her car had been hit by another car, with the other car coming to a rest in her neighbor’s yard. She added that she found the driver to be lifeless and the teenage passenger wildly upset.

No arrests have been repoorted.

Per NBC 5:

“He was screaming out that his brother had got shot so I think they were trying to get away from a terrible situation and it ended in tragedy,” Corbin explained.

Dallas Fire Rescue transported McCriston to the hospital where he died. The passenger was treated and released. Dallas police say both were shot during a robbery.

“It was a bit traumatic simply because it went from I thought somebody might have been trying to break into my home to oh my gosh, there’s somebody who’s been possibly dying right now,” said Corbin.

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