Chicago suburb is potentially thinking about a ten-cent Bag Tax

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In an effort to curb residential waste, River Forest residents may soon be paying a 10-cent tax for disposable bags.

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According to NBC5, the initiative is spearheaded by River Forest’s sustainability commission which will explore the idea of implenting the tax as part of its 2018 goal.

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This would help drastically decrease the amount of residential waste that ends up in landfills, according to NBC.

After Oak Park unanimously approved and implemented a 10-cent tax on disposable bags for retailers larger than 5,000 square feet, River Forest started toying with the idea.

The tax went into effect Jan. 1.

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In Feb. 1, 2017, Chicago implemented a 7-cent bag tax after the lightweight plastic bag ban failed.

But the Chicago bag tax has been very successful – resulting in a 40-percent plus decrease in the amount of disposable bags used in the city, according to a city-commissioned joint study between behavioral design lab ideas42 and researchers from New York University and the University of Chicago.

Some do believe that the bag tax may resemble double tax. To learn more, scroll on to watch below, courtesy of CBS Chicago.

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