Everyone is sending books to that kid who was reading ONE HUNDRED a day!


The 4-year-old Chicago sensation who read 100 books in just one day via Facebook Live rallied many people and organizations to donate more books to the little boy, Caleb.

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According to abc7, people are additionally donating books to get other kids reading. Caleb is still continuing to read as many books as he can get his hands on – but his favorites? Anything about the Ninja Turtles.

“Everywhere we go in Chicago, people are like, ‘Are you the little boy who read 100 books?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah!'” he told the news outlet.

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His feat [which you can read about above] traveled across the globe but was this Floridan local children’s book publisher was especially taken with the boy, Albert Whitman and Company, according to abc7.

“Our whole office was cheering Caleb on. We thought it was a great idea,” said Lisa White, of Albert Whitman and Company, reported the news outlet.

White said they brought several books both Caleb and his 7-year-old sister, Jael can add to their library. Caleb’s dad says the community response has been overwhelming from people who want to help, and people who need help — according to abc7.

“People are saying, if you get books, our school library is depleted. Our kids would love books,” Caleb’s father said to the news outlet.

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Caleb continues to read several books a day, according to abc7.

The news outlet reported that even the Secretary of State – Jesse White – was so proud of Caleb that he invited both him and his family to an African American heritage event next month to be honored.

This kid has the right idea. How many books have YOU read today?

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