Obama has spoken on the Lebron vs. Jordan debate

I think the ONLY thing I love about Donald Trump being president right now is how much people still cling on to Obama’s every word and action. The former president has only risen in popularity while the current POTUS clings on to his Twitter.

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And the latest to have made more positive headlines surrounding Barack Obama is something basketball fans have long debated. Though, Trump might call this, “fake news,” Chicagoans have known the answer for almost 3 decades.

I’m referring to the debate some basketball fans have between deciding who is the better player in the NBA, LeBron James? Or Michael Jordan? In a radio interview conducted by his royal British BFF, Prince Harry, Obama said:

“Jordan. Although I love LeBron. I’m a Chicago guy.”

It’s no surprise that Obama is an admirer of MJ. In Nov. 2016, Obama presented Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Jordan’s hey-day in Chicago occurred at the same time that Obama was getting his start in community organizing.

But despite his opinion being biased, he isn’t wrong!

We have long searched for MJ’s successor since he retired from the NBA in the 1997-1998 season. Until LeBron James went to the Miami Heat, got a jumper and developed a post game, MJ had no successor. There was no player who possessed the distance between himself and his teammates and opponents.

Shaq couldn’t do it, Kobe couldn’t do it, Steve Nash has more MVPs than Kobe, and no one’s about to compare him to Jordan. Steph Curry is on his way to becoming a legend, Kevin Durant is great and getting better, James Harden can score, Carmelo Anthony can score and so on and so forth…

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There is no disputes that LeBron James is above everybody else in the league. He just isn’t at the MJ level and Obama knows it, Scotty Pippen also agreed.

Jordan is Jordan, and LeBron is LeBron. Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. LeBron may well end up being the most perfect basketball player ever. But that isn’t the same thing.

What do you think?

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