Do you ever wish your office had a pullout futon to crash on during your lunch break? That is now a thing thanks to Peace Power Napping studio downtown.

Opened just last week by Jennifer Thomas, who quit her previous job to design the snooze spot, wants to help Chi-towners feel refreshed by offering them a quiet space to nap midday, according to the Chicago Tribune. The cost for one 30-minute nap session? $20.

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Both sleep experts, as well as studies, do suggest naps can be restorative for people who are sleep-deprived, according to reports from the Tribune.

“First and foremost, try and get more sleep at night,” said a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine, Lisa Medalie. “If there’s no way you can fit in more sleep at night because of your busy schedule — and as long as you don’t have insomnia — taking brief nap before 2 p.m. can help you get through the rest of your day.” the newspaper reported.

Medalie said a nap should be 20 to 30 minutes, also recommending to nap before 2 p.m. so it won’t interfere with nighttime sleep.

She also added excessive daytime sleepiness — which often peaks happens right after your lunch — can make people vulnerable to problems with cognitive functions such as concentration, and speed and response time, not to mention affecting mood and appetite.

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At Jennifer’s studio, five memory foam beds are separated by floor-to-ceiling curtains and with each semiprivate room, comes with organic bamboo pillows, a fleece blanket, light, outlet, USB port, an eye mask, a lavendar-scented eye pillow as well as mist. Earplugs are available too. This is paradise, people.

You can book a session online or using an app. When you start your napping session, the light in the room has a warm orange tone, then shuts off. It turns back on in a blue hue to signal the end of nap time. Thomas said the nap studio’s goal is “to help give people a place where they can come to recharge and become then, afterwards, a better version of themselves”.

Looking for a nap? Pop into a snooze studio downtown for just $20 Image Via AP/Fotolia