A 26-year-old woman allegedly cut her sleeping boyfriend’s manhood in the most sadistic way

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In a disturbing story out of Argentina, a 26-year-old architect has reportedly admitted to maiming her 40-year-old boyfriend’s manhood with pruning shears as he slept in his home.

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Brenda Barattini, local reports from Los Andes in Argentina say, attacked the unidentified victim in his Cordoba home on Sunday morning while he was sleeping.

A translation of the report states that the man suffered cuts on his penis and testicles but has recovered and is in stable condition at the hospital. Gruesome photos on other websites show the alleged weapon of choice on the floor and bloody sheets.

Barattini, Los Andes reported, attacked her boyfriend at dawn and confessed to authorities that she did so. After this, she was arrested.

The report alleged that she was not in bed with him at the time but entered the home for this purpose.

Any possible motive behind the alleged brutal assault is unclear at this time.

We’ve seen all manner of this kind of mutilation in recent times, whether self-inflicted or by a lover seeking revenge.

Two years ago, a 31-year-old woman in London was sentenced to nine years in prison for grievous bodily harm to her lover. She whipped out a broken bottle and a hot iron as the two had sex, causing multiple cuts and burns.

In the same year, a 46-year-old prison inmate injected 80 grams of Vaseline into is penis in an attempt at unnatural male enhancement and severely botched things.

Again in 2015, an angry mother of five in China, who discovered through emails that her husband was having an affair, reportedly took a scissor to her husband’s genitals.

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Shockingly, he was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery, but hospital staff said his wife cut it off again while he was recovering and threw it out of a window. A stray animal took care of the rest.

Finally, in February of 2016, a 36-year-old Chinese father of two, unhappy that he was unable to produce a son, took it out on himself.

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