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WGN 9 TV caught up to a woman from Sandy, Utah, named Isabel Acevedo. Isabel just began her new job as a receptionist for a kitchen and bath company.

It’s the holidays and for Isabel’s family, money is a little right. So she took the job to make some extra money for the holidays.

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Upon leaving her desk to go use the restroom, a woman came in, walked right up to Acevedo’s desk, took her purse and walked out.

“She looked like she was ready to take my stuff regardless if I was there or not,” Acevedo told KSTU.

Isabel told the police that she remembered a red car pulling up out front, but she assumed it was a customer and alerted a co-worker as she went to the restroom. That same co-worker then caught the theft on surveillance camera.

Like many women, Isabel had many valuable things were in her purse, including money, her social security card, her ID, car keys and her new phone. Her first thought was panic, wondering how she would pick up her children from day care without her car keys to start her car. But it was the lack of moral compass that shocked and angered Isabel the most.

“Put yourself to work if you want things in life,” she said. “You can’t just be taking other people’s stuff.”

Isabel, already struggling with money, she is having a hard time replacing her belongings—especially identification cards. It was for that reason, Acevedo unfortunately lost her job.

The events that transpired because of the thief were as follow: Isabel could not afford to drive her kids to day care, pick them up later, and head home. She had people offer to drive her to work, but she could not afford to pay them gas money.


Her mother and sister have been helping her for the last week, but Acevedo said she just wants her things back, but it was last week that things really got interesting.

She was not sure it was going to happen until she checked her Google Drive account the other day. Her phone automatically backs up pictures to the account, and she found pictures of the woman she believes stole her purse.

“I’m still mad about it,” she said. “She’s taking selfies with the phone that she took. You gotta be a special kind of stupid to do something like that.”

Swiping through the many “selfies” this woman took, some of which include a man, Acevedo also noticed that the woman was wearing the same makeup Acevedo keeps in her purse.

“Like her morning face with no makeup, and then she thought she was ready in the other pictures so she decided to take selfies,” Acevedo said of the pictures. “I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ Like, I was really irritated.”

Isabel is staying positive and sort of having a laugh about the situation, but don’t get it twisted she is not going to let this woman just walk off with her things.


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“I accepted the fact she took my things,” she said. “I’m just not gonna accept the fact that she’s gonna try and get away with it.”

Acevedo filed a police report and will submit these new photos to Sandy detectives.

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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