This is the most terrifying attack to ever happen on the CTA

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Videos by Rare

This year has seen quite a few stories about crime on the CTA, from random attacks to a pregnant lady on a bus, to multiple senior citizens being pushed down L station stairs, to an attempted murder of someone being pushed in front of a train.

But now, one act may be more awful than anything that has been committed before.

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Darnell Scott, 37, is accused of stabbing his 50-year-old brother-in-law 25 times on a CTA bus that led to a partial disemboweling, according to prosecutors.

The attack happened last Thursday around 6:30 PM on the #63 bus that traverses along 63rd Street.

While Scott admitted to the stabbing, it may have actually been the victim that instigated and escalated the fight. Assistant State’s Attorney Craig Taczy recounted what happened at a court session last week.

The victim was already on the bus when Scott entered. Scott walked past his brother-in-law without saying a word. According to Taczy, the two men “not share a friendly relationship and hadn’t spoken for some time.”

At some point, the brother-in-law approached Scott and the two got into a fight. It is still unclear how the two came to blows, but at one point the brother-in-law accused Scott of sending people to “jump him.”

As the two men wrestled to the floor of the bus, Scott pulled out a knife and began stabbing at the victim. The victim suffered wounds to multiple parts of his body, from the abdomen to the neck and head, and including the disembowelment, before the bus came to a stop on the 300 block of 63rd Street.

ABC7 has posted video of the incident that a witness sent to the station.

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Even though the man that ended up being the stabbing victim initially approached Scott, Scott was denied bail since he was the one that threw the first punch.He is being charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm. He is scheduled to be back in court this week where he will be able to seek a reduced bond.

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