Uptown man says he didn’t know bad smell coming from his apartment was his dead wife Chicago Police

On Sunday December 10th, police found 58-year-old Tamara Wilson dead in her apartment. She was naked, wrapped in a blue tarp and covered with blankets.

According to her husband Steven Seiler, he had noticed a bad smell coming from the apartment in the 4400 block of North Clifton for the last month. But he never bothered to check in his wife’s bedroom or think anything was odd about not seeing her.

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Police were alerted to the apartment following a call for a wellness check. According to the Sun-Times, police noticed ““bodily fluids” smeared all over the apartment and a rotting smell, officers forced open the locked bedroom door and discovered Wilson’s “badly decomposed” body.”

Seiler was arrested last Tuesday and charged with concealing Wilson’s death. When he was detained, police found Wilson’s ID, social security card, birth certificate, debit card, and wedding ring.

Police believe that Seiler may have known about Wilson’s death prior to when he said he did. According to his own timeline, he used her debit card on November 24th to buy a gold ring online. He later pawned that ring on December 1st.

The medical examiner is still waiting on toxicology reports as to how Wilson actually died. Seiler was released last Friday under electronic monitoring.

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Seiler hasn’t been charged with murder as of this writing but his marriage to Wilson had been rife with troubles. Seiler pleaded guilty to a domestic battery charge back in October. A 2009 lawsuit awarded Wilson $120,000 from Seiler due to another domestic dispute.

The couple was married in 2014. They have a daughter who is 22-years-old. She was on the one who told Seiler that Wilson had been found dead. The daughter has not been charged with or suspected of anything.

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