A family tracked down their car, stolen during Harvey, thanks to an iPhone app

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Their southwest Houston home had been looted after Harvey, with numerous Apple products stolen.

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So was their car.

And with Houston’s emergency responders engaged in other higher-priority business, the Gerber family took it upon themselves to reclaim their vehicle.

“We waited hours and hours but they couldn’t help,” Teri Gerber told Click2Houston.

So, the family got creative.

“We used ‘Find My iPhone,” she said.

They pinned the address of their computer to 3100 Holmes Road, and Gerber’s husband and brother-in-law shifted into high gear, as it were.

They ended up at a seedy motel southeast of their home, near TX 288.

And, lo and behold, there was their car. The man put his wife’s key into the car and promptly drove it home.

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Because police were unavailable to help them–perhaps dealing with other looters–the Gerbers had to help themselves, which was maybe not the safest route, says the man.

“So yes, we were probably not very smart in doing it but I’m glad we had the confidence and the strength to do it,” Gerber said.

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