Houston businessman Kieu Hoang has given $5 million to Harvey relief, it was announced in a Monday press conference.

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The Vietnamese billionaire, founder of California-based Rare Antibody Antigen Supply, presented the check yesterday to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Turner gladly accepted, saying that Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) funds do not cover ever anticipated need.

With many of Houston’s marginalized–those with special needs and those in low-income communities–affected, Turner says the funds will be earmarked to help them.

In addition, money is needed to assist evacuees still housed at the Convention Center, where about 1,200 people are still sheltering–to the tune of an estimated cost of about $9 million.

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“This is not a two-week effort and done,” Turner said. “This is more long-term, and a lot of the people that are in our shelters now will be the most difficult to house.”
A Houston Vietnamese billionaire just made a donation to Harvey fund that will make your jaw drop Facebook/Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston
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