A web series of Irish people taste-testing “Texan” food leaves real Texans scratching their heads Screenshot of's video

Irish web series “Facts.” doesn’t want to educate the public. Instead, the quirky YouTube channel introduces Irish people to food or videos they’ve never experienced before, and the filmmakers post their reactions on the Internet for laughs.

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Facts. has been around for three years, and this month they finally got around to featuring the greatest state in the union in one of their videos.

In the Oct. 3 episode, they sample Texan cuisine, though some bonafide Texans are taking objection to the first dish, mushroom soup. During their tasting, they refer to the soup as “prison gruel” before showing their disgust.

“Give me five years in Texas, I’ll kill myself with food,” one of them utters while finishing off his chicken fried steak.

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The video also features chicken wings, pork ribs, chili — which looks more like meat chunks in gravy sauce — and pecan pie.

Based on their reactions, chicken fried steak and pecan pie were the clear winners in this taste test, though a native Texan would take offense to some of these dishes representing Texas.

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