On May 20, 23-year-old Carmen Ponder, 2016 Miss Black Texas U.S. ambassador and law student, was detained and arrested by Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews at a Walmart.

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Crews was off duty at the time, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Since the incident, he and Commerce ISD school board trustee Michael Beane have both faced public backlash, as Beane was reportedly the one who brought Crews’ attention to Ponder at the Walmart, after an earlier incident where Beane cut Ponder off in traffic.

Beane, according to an article in Texas Monthly, was teaching his teenage daughter to drive when the traffic incident occurred.

During the ensuing confirmation, Ponder said his daughter shouldn’t be driving, to which he reportedly responded by calling her a “black bitch.”

Crews and Beane blocked the door until a police car showed up and took Ponder into custody, where she was charged with evading arrest – a charge now dropped.

While both men resigned, neither admits to any wrongdoing, according to respective statements.

Beane instead said the negative coverage was bad for the town of Commerce, while Crews says he “became emotional” because of Ponder’s response to his demands to answer his questions.

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