An alleged Houston road rage incident is getting a lot of play – on video, that is:

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A driver’s dash cam caught the moment when a car exacted “revenge” on a motorcycle, by sideswiping it near Highway 59 and Loop 610.

The video, shot by Cody Frederick, shows what happened in the car-motorcycle confrontation.

?At the beginning of my video you?ll see a dark gray BMW SUV, it actually starts getting over on the motorcycle and she saw him at the last minute; she jerked back over and she waited until she was clear of him,? Frederick told Click2Houston. ?He was pretty frustrated already, he had revved his pipes at her and stuff, and you know he was scared, and not long after that, I start to accelerate; out of my peripherals, I see that a silver Ford Fusion (was) getting over on him.?

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Frederick is reportedly cooperating with Houston Police, turning in his video.

It is unknown how the incident ended at this time, however.

Time to slow down our speed and our rage, H Town. Watch the angry display here.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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