Hurricane Irma gaining strength in the Atlantic, but no strong predictions for the Gulf on the horizon

Chart with predictions on Hurricane Irma's path. Screen shot of Express' website. 

According to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Irma is currently a Category 3 hurricane.

Chart with predictions on Hurricane Irma’s path. Screen shot of Express’ website. 

Irma is still 2,500 miles from land with no advisories or warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

However, the storm is currently clocking wind speeds of around 110 mph, moving west-northwest at 13mph.

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“It’s still closer to Africa than the Caribbean islands,” Dennis Feltgen, a NHC spokesman and meteorologist, said in an interview. “But it’s holding its own and we’re still predicting it will strengthen.”

Feltgen further said the storm was too far away to predict whether there was any strong forecasts for the U.S. yet.

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The NHC’s latest update is predicting Irma to fluctuate up and down in strength, but to remain a powerful storm through the weekend.

Some models show the storm developing into a category four next week. A turn by the storm toward the west is expected by Friday night, and another turn toward the west-southwest is expected Saturday.

Multiple weather models are trying to predict the path of Irma, with some predicting a weaker storm by the time it gets closer to land.

Others ares lightly stronger, but one common thread running through all these predictions is how it’s simply too early to tell what is to come of the old girl.

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Weather Channel Meteorologist Danielle Banks summed up what to do for now:

“Keep in mind that it is way to soon to say if its going to impact the United States, and where it will head.”

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