If you don’t have these scaly party accessories at your next pool party, you may be left fishing for fun

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Videos by Rare

Summer in Houston means always knowing locations of the nearest pools for relief from the insufferable heat and humidity.

Pool ownership also comes with the overwhelming responsibility of throwing the best pool party in the neighborhood.

So what’s the secret to throwing a great pool party?

While food, drinks, and music are vital components to having the best bash of the summer, there is one ingredient this year that will make any poolside festivities memorable: mermaids.

Houston Mermaids, a woman-owned business based in Pearland, offers young party-goers the chance to become a mermaid for a day.

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The company rents tails for kids to swim like their favorite sea creature, without having to go “under the sea” to take part in the fun.

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According to co-owner Esther Nduagu, Houston Mermaids is the only business in the city offering mermaid tail rentals.

Nduagu said she got the idea from her daughter, who approached her to find mermaid tails for her and her friends.

The new venture now lets young swimmers live out their fantasy of living as a mermaid.

Nduagu and her partners, including a performing mermaid, teach the children how to put on the tail, tread water and swim with the apparatus around their legs. Some students even get to learn how to do tricks in the water, such as flips, handstands and waves.

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Many of the company’s clients are party organizers who create corporate events, bachelorette parties and charity fundraisers, but mermaids are big party attractions, no matter what age.

This is why Houston Mermaids additionally offers professional mermaids for aquatic-themed events.

The company is also looking to have their own portable tank so that they can operate at more venues and give more kids the chance to become mermaids for a day.

Sure beats a deal with Ursula!

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